Condensed milk

Condensed milk is one of the best products inherited from Soviet epoch. In the post-Soviet space, it was Ukraine, where the largest manufacturers of canned milk were concentrated, and one of these manufacturers is PJSC "Kupyansk MСF"

Sweet cream butter

Sweet cream butter meets the strictest requirements specified for quality of milk product. It is made only from natural milk cream and contains no vegetable fats.

Ultra high-temperature treated milk

Ultra high-temperature treated milk that is subjected to high-temperature treatment for 2-4 seconds. During this short period of time, milk is heated to a temperature of 137°C with subsequent cooling to 20°C and filling in aseptic conditions.&a

Curd products

Curd crème is a natural curd dessert with shelf-life only 7 days . Produced on the basis of fresh soul-milk curd (to 65%) and natural creams (to 30%) with a raisin, cacao or with fruit filler.

Milk and fermented milk products

Milk is a delicate product. Its cautious processing is the guarantee that you buy fresh and natural milk products of  Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant.

At PJSC "Kupyansk MСF" daily receives more than 250 tonnes of milk. Purchase of milk is given special attention. It must meet the highest requirements, which are regulated by the normative document. Since 2015 Works buys milk exclusively on dairy farms. This eliminates the risks to the supply of low-quality raw materials to the plant.

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