Condensed milk under “Nasoloda” trademark means concentration of useful properties of milk in one can! “Nasoloda” TM condensed milk is represented by two kinds: Whole condensed milk with sugar and Boiled condensed milk.

Whole condensed milk with sugar is manufactured according to State Standard of Ukraine ДСТУ 4274:2003. This standard replaces the appropriate Soviet Union standard (GOST). The high requirements for quality of condensed milk stipulated by ДСТУ 4274:2003 are as good as those of the previous Soviet standard. “Nasoloda” TM condensed milk with sugar contains only cow milk and sugar, and one of the main requirements imposed on its production is retention of milk useful properties in the finished product.

“Nasoloda” TM boiled condensed milk comprises whole condensed milk with sugar, which was boiled in industrial autoclaves. The advantage of industrial boiling consists in homogenous consistency of boiled condensed milk, which is reached due to meeting the required temperature mode. There is no state standard (ДСТУ) in Ukraine for boiled condensed milk, so the Integrated Plant is guided by its in-house developments (specifications).

“Nasoloda” TM condensed milk is presented by natural products, and their manufacture meets all the requirements of the state regulatory documents. Having opened up a can of “Nasoloda” TM condensed milk, you will approach the taste familiar to you from your childhood.