Raw-material policy of Integrated Plant

The raw-material policy of the Integrated Plant is based on the multiyear experience of the Raw Materials Department work covering the entire technological process from the farm to the arrival of milk to production shops of the Integrated Plant. This section describes all the way of milk before you have finished milk products on your table.

100% of milk that arrives at the Integrated Plant falls on milk from dairy farms of Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk Regions. Our cooperation with dairy farms consists not only in offer of the best price of the premium and first grade. PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” renders an expert assistance in technological equipment of milk taking-up and storage areas with cooling tanks manufactured by Swedish company “De Laval”, in technological service and provision with consumables, as well as with detergents and disinfectants.

The input milk is the key factor in technological process. The Company’s specialists conduct a careful control in all stages: from milk production at dairy farms to delivery to the shipment platform of the Integrated Plant.

The strict requirements for acceptance of milk are determined by state regulatory document DSTU 3662-97 “Whole cow milk. Requirements for procurement”.

Raw-material zone of Integrated Plant

The radius of delivery of input milk  

220 km

Kharkov Region


Lugansk Region


Donetsk Region


Servicing park and input milk suppliers

Annual average daily delivery: 208 n/day

Depending on season, the delivery varies from 170 to 270 t/day.

55 milk trucks

Total tonnage of milk trucks: 300 t

85 Company’s cooling tanks at large and small dairy farms:

Total tonnage: 196 t

68 farms cooperating with Integrated Plant

100% value of milk delivery

Average acceptance parameters values for PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory”


Limit values specified in Standard

Actual value

Milk acidity, °T  



Purity degree, group


only I

Dry matter content, %

NLT 10,6


Milk fat content,%          

Not specified


Protein content, %

Not specified


Bacterial count, thou./cm3

NMT 3000


Somatic cells, thou./cm3

NMT 800


Milk temperature on arrival to Integrated Plant, °C

to 10