About Integrated Plant

From milk plant to integrated plant

PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” (in 1975, Kypyansk Milk Plant was put into operation in October of 1957 as a plant for manufacture of canned milk with design capacity of 20 million conventional cans per year. During half a century, the Enterprise launched new milk lines, but manufacture of canned condensed milk with sugar always was and remains the main production line. The shop for manufacture of canned milk with addition of sugar increased its capacity by three times. While the first retrofitting carried out in 1974-77 was aimed at technical re-equipment and increase in production capacity, the second retrofitting made it possible to reduce energy consumption with retention of the main principle – the classic technology of condensed milk manufacture.

PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” comprises the unique complex including three technological shops situated on one production site: shop of canned condensed milk with sugar, shop of whole-milk products with sectors for manufacture of sweet cream butter, ultra high-temperature treated milk and curd products, shop for manufacture of dry milk products. Within 60 years, the Enterprise production capacity for milk processing increased to 600 t of milk per day.

Base of natural milk products

It is impossible to achieve high indices in production of milk products only through technical re-equipment and technical innovations. Milk being the main ingredient of any milk products shall be subjected to a strict control as to its purity and observance of temperature conditions, beginning from the milk farm.    

At the end of the nineties, our Enterprise, in cooperation with Swedish company “De Laval”, started the program of installation of cooling tanks at commercial dairy farms and milk-collecting centers. Understanding of the fact that quality of milk as an input raw material primarily depends on professional approach to its production means that it is necessary to support, in the first place, large commercial dairy farms where the sanitary and veterinary requirements are met and high-qualified personnel is engaged in milk production.

Today 100% of milk supplied to the Integrated Plant is the milk obtained from commercial dairy farms, from where cooled milk arrives to the Enterprise for processing. Implementation of the joint program together with “De Laval” is also continued today.

Wide-choice possibilities

PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” manufactures 8 main kinds of canned condensed milk with sugar in tin cans. With development of polymeric packaging, which touched the overwhelming majority of food products, the canned condensed milk with sugar also stepped into the mainstream. In 2012, the Integrated Plant was the first manufacturer of condensed milk in Ukraine that installed a line for packing condensed milk in Doy-Pack packaging specially designed just for this product. A range of 4 kinds of the products is offered to consumers: condensed whole milk with sugar, that with addition of natural coffee or cocoa, and condensed cream with sugar.
Doy-Pack packaging is a valuable alternative solution to tin cans due to convenience of consumption of this product, and its specific weight is constantly growing, in comparison of other kinds of consumer packaging.

Provide diversification and win!

Condensed milk is a mass-consumption product characterized by a high demand but only in the XXth century. The decision to manufacture milk and fermented milk products for own region and today already for several regions of Ukraine is the correct decision in development of milk business. The whole-milk shop does not limit its activities by manufacture of fermented milk products and have units for manufacture of sweet cream butter, ultra heat-treatment milk, curd products with large quantity of SKU exceeding 45. Milk and fermented milk products having “Zarechye” trademark are considered to be traditional milk products having short shelf lives.

From supplier to partnership relations

As Private Label (PL) line in retail format of self-service develops, the Integrated Plant offers for manufacture under PL a wide spectrum of milk products which, first of all, are interesting for this line: condensed milk, sweet cream butter, ultra heat-treated milk and locally whole milk products.

In segment of HoReCa and small confectionery shops: supplier 5v1

Realizing fast development of small business and, in particular, small confectionary shops both as independent production units or units attached to supermarkets, specialized enterprises and that the niche for condensed milk remained unoccupied, the Integrated Plant has mastered manufacture of condensed milk in polymeric packaging in the form of 4 kg batons and 450 g Doy-Pack packaging. Therefore, the buyers of this segment solved a number of their problems: absence of reusable containers, possibility of purchase of condensed milk in small volumes, no remainders of product on packaging, simplicity of disposal of used packaging.

In addition to condensed milk, the Integrated Plant also offers in industrial packaging sweet cream butter, dry milk products, fermented milk curd, fermented milk products. In fact, one supplier can deliver a wide range of milk products manufactured on one production site.


Condensed milk: only according to State Standard

It sometimes becomes rather difficult to conduct a fair competitive struggle since  in Ukrainian market it is often possible to meet milk with DSTU 4274:2003 marking that contain vegetable fat and other ingredients that may be admitted in no case. Repeated inspections of whole milk composition through independent studies conducted by laboratories of State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart” and “Test” Center of Independent Consumer Goods Testing actually showed availability of vegetable fat, artificial sweeteners and colors in milk composition of majority of manufacturers. Only single enterprises, in the first instance, PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory”, confirmed conformity of their products to the state standards.

Milk product logistics – time management

Without any exaggeration, the road transport unit may be called the milk veins of the Integrated Plant. Collection and delivery of milk to the Integrated Plant begin with work of this unit, and, after milk processing, it consists in delivery of finished products to the customers. The “cold line” mode begins at the dairy farm with maintaining temperature of milk storage not above 4°C. It is achieved at the expense of cooling milk at the commercial dairy farms in cooling tanks and delivery it in vacuum flask milk trucks to the Integrated Plant.

Time is by no means unimportant factor. The whole-milk products produced by the Integrated Plant have a rather short life cycle: 72 hours to 14 days in case of meeting the specified temperature conditions. The Integrated Plant a powerful truck fleet, refrigerated vans for delivery of finished products having load capacity of 15 to 20 t. Due to development of own logistics for delivery of finished milk products, the Integrated Plant guarantees 100% meeting the “cold-line” mode from dairy farm to shop.

Foreign market – struggle with counterfeit products

The countries of the former Soviet Union and other foreign countries, where condensed milk of PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” is delivered to, know well “Zarechye” trademark with picture of hare. Some key manufacturers of condensed milk in Ukraine decided to take advantage of this trademark of the Integrated Plant and its popularity. The Integrated Plant just a “collection” of falsified labels with various interpretation of “Zarechye” logo on the label only of Ukrainian manufacturers. We have to conduct a continuous struggle with the said counterfeits: having solved this problem with one enterprise, we get information on coming to foreign markets of counterfeit products under “Zarechye” trademark of other Ukrainian company. Our site has a special section devoted to this issue.

Quality is our tradition

Compliance with state standards and internal regulatory documents, according to which condensed milk is manufactured means an honest attitude to consumers. The motto “Quality is our tradition” represents the full understanding of our Company’s mission. A standing popularity of milk products manufactured by PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” both in B2C and B2B segment is based on coordinated work of all the parts of the technological process: from dairy farm to consumer.

The experience of 60 years, improvement of technologies and a high estimate of achievements of our Company at national branch exhibitions confirm the reality of the motto placed on all the packaging of products manufactured by PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory”, that is, “Quality is our tradition”.