How to distinguish an imitation

Condensed milk in tin can

It is very simple to differ “Zarechye” TM milk from counterfeit one.

For this purpose, buying condensed milk, pay your attention to the following elements of the packaging.

Tin can – can lid

In the marking field of the tin lid (in the center) a picture of hare is stamped. On internal outline of the stiffening ring, CONDENSED MILK *Zarechye* signature is stamped.

This stamp is applied on all the range of products in tin can manufactured under “Zarechye” trademark, except for products manufactured under customer’s own trademark. Such customers may comprise supermarkets, distributors, etc. 





Tin can- can bottom

The can bottom contains all information on manufacturer, kind of product and date of output.

Line 1: M93 – code of manufacturer, that is, PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory”. On all tin cans, it is always the same – it never changes.

The following 2 (or 3) figures comprise the article number. These figures change, depending on kind of condensed milk:






М93 76 – “Zarechye “Premium” condensed whole milk with sugar, 8.5%

М93 87 – Condensed cream with 19.0% fat content

М93 91 – Condensed milk with sugar and natural coffee

М93 82 – Condensed milk with sugar and cocoa

М93 105 – Baked condensed milk with 0.2.0% of fat content

М93 75 – Condensed milk-containing product with sugar, 8.5%

М93 71 – Condensed milk with sugar with 2.0% fat content

М93 80 – “Slavyanskoye” condensed skimmed milk with sugar

The last figure – working shift number.


Line 2:  It is the date of manufacture: day XX, month XX, year XX.


If you find a counterfeit product or have doubt on original nature of the product, please inform us by any method convenient for you.