Sweet cream butter

Sweet cream butter is manufactured only from natural cream obtained from cow milk.

Natural butter may be sweet cream one and sour cream one. The only difference consists in that sour cream butter is produced from sour cream fermented with the use of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria and has a characteristic slightly sour taste. According to State Standard of Ukraine ДСТУ 4399:2005, no other ingredient of non-milk origin is permissible. If any vegetable fat is added to butter (and its share may reach 90%), this product shall be called the spread manufactured to State Standard ДСТУ 4445:2005.

While buying butter pay attention to number of standard – natural butter is manufactured to ДСТУ 4399:2005.

The Integrated Plant manufactures sweet cream butter according to standard ДСТУ 4399:2005. This regulatory document clearly stipulates manufacture of butter only from cream obtained from cow milk. Depending on kind of butter, 21.5 to 24.5 l of fresh cow milk is used.

For manufacture of sweet cream butter, cream with 46% fat content is used. This cream is obtained from cow milk by separation method, that is, separation of milk into cream and skimmed milk.

The obtained cream is pasteurized, cooled to a temperature of 10°C and held for 7 to 15 hours, depending on season and cream temperature. This process is called aging and makes it easy to churn cream.

Cream churning is the main stage in the butter forming technology. In the process of churning cream, two components are formed: butter granules and buttermilk having a high biological activity and fat content up to 0.7%. The butter granules mainly consist of fat and moisture. They are washed with water then pressed.

Two kinds of sweet cream butter are manufactured: “Krestyanskoye” (peasant’s) butter with 73% fat content and “Extra” butter with 82,5% fat content. The only difference is in content of milk fat. So the higher content of milk fat, the lower content of moisture in butter.

Butter is packed in polyfoil with portions having net weight of 200 g, or in cartons with liner (polyethylene or parchment) in 20 kg monoblocks. Butter in monoblocks is supplied only to confectionaries ore ice-cream factories. If you’ll meet in the market our butter sold by weight, you are cheated. PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” delvers butter to supermarkets and shops under “Zarechye” trademark only in polyfoil.

Contrary to spread, the natural butter:

- has no strongly pronounced flavor in cooled condition;

- has white (in autumn and winter) or yellow (in spring and summer) shade;

- becomes hard at temperatures below 5°С, crumbs when being cut.

*In this technological process, the key stages of manufacture of Sweet cream butter are considered. Manufacture of Sweet cream butter products at PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” meets the State Standard of Ukraine and technological instruction approved at the Integrated Plant and is depending on kind of product.