Ultra high-temperature treated milk

The ultra high-temperature treatment is a process of milk heat treatment for the purpose of extension of shelf life of the product and retention of its useful properties.

The product durable storage is provided by combination of special heat treatment (ultra high-temperature treatment) and packing material barrier properties ensuring protection from external action. The technology of manufacture of ultra high-temperature treated milk in aseptic cardboard packaging provides for no use of any preservatives. The ultra high-temperature treatment is the most sparing treatment method making it possible to retain organoleptic characteristics, composition and nutritional properties of milk.

During ultra high-temperature treatment, milk is heated to a temperature of 137°C for 2-3 seconds and is immediately cooled to 20ºС. The entire process is conducted in a closed system, which protects the product from undesirable external actions. Milk filling is also conducted under aseptic (sterile) conditions. The product is fed to packing machine over closed sterilized system, where rolled sterile packing material is delivered to. Then the latter gets the form of a hose, and from this hose, packs are produced. The entire process is conducted in a closed compartment of the machine, which prevents an undesirable contact of the packing material with environment. The packs are sealed below the level of delivered liquid, and this means that their entire volume is filled and the content is completely protected from oxidation.

The aseptic packaging comprises a six-layer combined material consisting of cardboard, polyethylene and aluminium foil. Each layer of the packaging fulfils its function. The cardboard provides packaging rigidity and shape convenient for storage and transportation, PE layers protect from moisture and provide tightness, aluminium foil layer protects from light and air. Thus multilayer aseptic material provides a durable safe storage of the product, creating an efficient barrier against action of bacteria and other undesirable actions.

*In this technological process, the key stages of manufacture of Ultra high-temperature treated milk are considered. Manufacture of Ultra high-temperature treated milk products at PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” meets the State Standard of Ukraine and technological instruction approved at the Integrated Plant and is depending on kind of product.