Milk and fermented milk products

To obtain each kind of fermented milk products, starters are used being pure or symbiotically combined cultures of microorganisms having the entire complex of properties. Under action of starters, a certain acidity of milk products is provided influencing structuring, and a specific taste and flavor of the product is reached.

Sour cream a traditional sour-milk product, produced from natural cream, derived from cow's milk.

Note that under the image of sour cream, so called “sour cream product” may be available for sale. In addition to milk fats, such product contains vegetable fats. These products are manufactured quicker than genuine sour cream (it is sufficient to mix components) and are cheaper for manufacturers. In no case such product may be called the sour cream.

PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” manufactures sour cream exclusively from pasteurized cream by its ripening with starter on the basis of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. The pasteurized cream which has specified temperature not higher than 24°C is fed to heat exchangers where it is ripened. The starter on the basis of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria is added to cream prepared for ripening, and the temperature is set, which is suitable for creating conditions favorable for life activity of cultures making part of the starter. Ripening completion is determined by acidity of the formed clot. The clot is mixed and delivered for packing. Sour cream is packed in 400 g or 250 g PE film packaging. The packed sour cream is cooled and held in cooling chambers, where it afterripens and increases its viscosity.

Kefir is a product of mixed lactic-acid and alcoholic fermentation manufactured by ripening milk with starter on the basis of kefir mushrooms. For obtaining real kefir, only the starter on kefir mushrooms is used. If the composition specifies “kefir starter”, “starter cultures with the use of kefir mushroom” or “pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria”, this product is not a real kefir.

The Integrated Plant has a separate laboratory engaged in growing kefir mushroom for kefir manufacture. The starter on the basis of kefir mushroom is inoculated into prepared milk at a temperature of 20-25°C optimal for ripening. The kefir manufacturing technology is based on a certain cycle: mixing – rest – mixing. Kefir “aging” after its ripening leads to intensive accumulation of volatile acids and carbon dioxide during normal process of lactic-acid and alcoholic fermentation. After maturation, kefir is cooled and poured into 500 g or 1000 g PE film or cardboard packaging.

Baked milk is manufactured from pasteurized cow milk which is subjected to uniform heating at a temperature of 95°C for 3 hours or more. During this period, milk gains a light brown shade and caramel taste.

Fermented baked milk is produced of baked milk with inoculation of a starter on the basis of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria.

*In this technological process, the key stages of manufacture of dry milk products are considered. Manufacture of dry milk products at PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” meets the State Standard of Ukraine and technological instruction approved at the Integrated Plant and is depending on kind of product.