Condensed milk

Manufacture of canned condensed milk with sugar is one of the most labor-intensive and energy-consuming processes in production of milk products.

This product has a high nutritional value as it comprises concentrated milk, in which a part of moisture is removed by evaporation, sugar and lactose (milk sugar). It is preservation with the use of sugar that makes it possible to store condensed milk for a long time – up to 12 months. As condensed milk fillers, cocoa powder and natural roasted coffee of “Arabica” and “Rabusta” varieties may be used.

For manufacture of condensed milk, pasteurized milk is used. It is fed to vacuum evaporators for condensing. The milk boiling temperature is maintained in the vacuum evaporators for the entire cycle not more than 80°С. Due to vacuum existing in the vacuum evaporator, milk boils at a temperature less than 100°С. For this reason, condensed milk has no boiling aftertaste.

Sugar is introduced in milk mixture of condensed milk just before beginning of condensing process.

Milk condensing is completed when the specified moisture level in the milk mixture is reached. After that the product is fed to vacuum coolers where condensed milk is cooled and lactose is added.

Lactose is milk sugar. It is added to condensed milk to prevent forming sugar crystals during storage of finished product.

After the technological process is completed, condensed milk is sent to be packed in Doy-pack packaging, polyamide hose or industrial containers.

Depending on kind of condensed milk and packaging, this product can be stored for 5 to 12 months.

*In this technological process, the key stages of manufacture of condensed milk are considered. Manufacture of condensed milk products at PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” meets the State Standard of Ukraine and technological instruction approved at the Integrated Plant and is depending on kind of product.