Milk powder

Natural cow milk consists of water by 87.5% and dry substances by 12.5%. The dry substances include, milk fat, proteins, milk sugar and mineral substances. The milk drying technology, that is, removal moisture from milk, enables obtaining the dry substances contained in it.

The complete removal of moisture from dry powder is impossible. State Standard of Ukraine ДСТУ 4273:2003 for manufacture of dry milk products allows moisture content not more than 4% in whole milk powder and not more than 1.5% in skimmed milk powder.

Milk drying is an energy-consuming process requiring availability of stable raw-material resources for manufacture. To obtain 1 kg of whole milk powder, 8.7 l of cow whole milk are used, and to obtain 1 kg of skimmed milk powder, 11.7 l of skimmed cow milk are used.

The Integrated Plant manufactures milk powder by spraying in hot-air flow. It is this method that provides the highest possible quality of the finished product.

One of the main steps in the initial milk drying process is milk condensing. For this purpose, vacuum evaporators fed with pasteurized milk are used. Under action of vacuum inside the vacuum evaporator, milk boils at a temperature below 100°C. During boiling, moisture content in milk is decreased and therefore content of dry substances is increased. When content of dry substances reaches 43%, the condensing process is stopped, and condensed milk (not to be confused with condensed milk with sugar) is delivered to drying tower. The drying tower height is ___ m, its diameter is ___ m.

The main process, that is, condensed milk drying, is conducted in the drying tower. Condensed milk is fed into the drying tower dome. Being in a flow of hot air (up to 200°С), condensed milk is dried as it is lowering to the bottom of the tower where the technological process is terminated by additional milk drying, cooling and its sending for packing.

The milk powder is packed in multilayer paper bags with polyethylene liner. The polyethylene liner is required to prevent absorption of moisture by milk powder, and, besides, it has good barrier properties. The multilayer paper bag protects polyethylene from rupture and milk powder from sunlight.                                                                                                                                            

Milk powder manufactured by the Integrated Plant is a natural milk product produced exclusively from cow milk. It contains no components of non-milk origin. The application range of milk powder is very wide. Milk powder is used for manufacture of confectioneries, chocolate, ice cream, breadstuffs, infant formulas, dry mushes.

*In this technological process, the key stages of manufacture of milk powder. Manufacture of milk powder products at PJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant” meets the State Standard of Ukraine and technological instruction approved at the Integrated Plant and is depending on kind of product.