Curd products

Fermented milk curd is one of the few foods fully digested by human body and is present in the menu of many diets. This curd is rarely eaten separately, but in combination with other products (cream, jams, fruits, berries) it provides a tasty and useful dessert.

The curd may vary by different fat content, composition and method of manufacture

Note that you can meet on sale fermented milk curd and curd product. The curd product comprises a product including ingredients of non-milk origin. These may be:

•             vegetable fat (used for saving milk fat),

•             calcium chloride E509 being a setting agent (used for saving time required for manufacture of curd).

Also the curd shall also be called the curd product if it was subjected to additional heat treatment at a temperature exceeding 60ºC after completion of the technological process.

PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” manufactures only fermented milk curd. The technology of manufacture of fermented milk curd is based on use of only whole cow milk and pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. A starter obtained on the basis of pure cultures of cultures of lactic acid bacteria is inoculated into pasteurized milk. After inoculation of the starter, the milk mixture is left alone until curd clot is formed. This process may take up to 10 hours! The following stage provides for heating the obtained curd clot for the purpose of its dewatering, that is, separation of whey from curd to obtain finished fermented milk curd.

After complete separation of whey, the curd is cooled and delivered for packing. The finished curd is not subjected to additional heat treatment, and due to it the beneficial microflora comprising lactic acid bacteria is retained. Curd is packed in 400 g plastic cups or 200 g ecolean packaging.

On the basis of fermented milk curd, the Integrated Plant manufactures curd masses with apricots halves and raisins, as well as curd crème.

Translated from French, word “crème” means “cream”, and since, for manufacture of crème, curd whipped together with cream, this fermented milk dessert is called “Curd crème”.

The technology used for manufacture of curd crème is rather simple. This is fermented milk curd whipped together with natural cream obtained from cow milk. Different fillers are added in the process of whipping: raisins, cocoa powder or fillers of fruits and berries. After manufacture, this very tasty and useful curd dessert is not subjected to additional heat treatment. After packing in 150 g cups, curd crème is delivered for cooling to the finished products warehouse.